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Virtual Video Survey

Virtual Video Survey is a cloud based platform that allows your office sales to perform remote pre-move surveys via video chat with recording. Having the ability to record the video gives your staff the option of entering the inventory live or completing the video walk-through first and then entering the inventory while watching a recording.

The transferees get engaged over web app, which allows them to check captured inventory, add details and photos to important items, adjust general info and even add insurance value for each item. With the key information captured, your staff is in position to decide what to do next - send a quote straight away, dispatch a real surveyor or ... move on to the next call.

Virtual Video Survey is a cloud based system, which means that all you need is a link for your office sales and a link for your website if you want to give your clients a self survey option. The application is customizable, which allows each company to control the branding, interface and data entry languages, the terminology, the items and the rooms to make the surveys as practical and accurate as possible.

The self-survey version of the Web Estimator allows the transferees to start their own survey, enter general info, rooms and item details, take item photos and submit it when done. At any point in time the transferee can simply press the call button to call the office and get your sales team to join the survey session.

Survey results can be emailed as PDF or uploaded straight to your Voxme or move management system. Surveyors can download all survey details to their Voxme Estimator.

Key features

  • Convenient data entry, in any language
  • Instant interaction between transferees and office staff
  • Uses standard company HGGI; volumes, weights and packing materials can be adjusted on the screen
  • Integrated support for digital photos
  • Instant break-down of articles by room
  • Automatic estimation of the type and number of cartons required for packing


  • Helps qualifying survey requests efficiently and avoid unproductive and wasteful physical visits.
  • Volumes and survey analyses are instantly available which helps making the right decision regarding the next steps.
  • Having survey details and summaries uploaded to a move management system and Voxme Estimator helps companies and transferees capture the information once and use it throughout the move process.


  • Extremely convenient and fast multi-language data entry mechanism coupled with the video frees up surveyors from wasting time on unproductive travel.
  • Survey summary's immediate availability for review and adjustment removes any uncertainty or ambiguity.
  • Survey results are available in PDF and can be printed and shared instantly.
Voxme Apps

  Voxme Estimator for iPad

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Now you can use your iPad for pre-move surveys.

  Voxme Estimator for iPhone

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Now you can use your iPhone for pre-move surveys.

  Voxme Estimator
  for Android phones and tablets

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Now you can use your Android phone or tablet for pre-move surveys.

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