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Shipment labeling solutions

Labels is a set of solutions for printing of numbered, barcoded shipment specific labels. The labels provide excellent adhesion to all standard packing materials (cartons, bubble wrap, covers) as well as a wide variety of surfaces. The labels can include any shipment details such as:

  • shipper's name
  • job or tracking number
  • city and country of origin
  • destination city and country
  • mode of transportation (AIR, SEA, LAND, STORAGE)
  • total number of pieces in the shipment
  • as well as company's logo and contact info.

Labels can be printed in the office from any computer with the MightyForwarder installed on it. Packing crews can print shipment speficic labels during packing using Inventory set. Colour labels are available to further facilitate deconsolidation of LCL shipments

Label barcodes uniquely identify each packed piece and are designed to be used by Voxme and third-party bingo checking products

What will Voxme Labels do for you?

  • Printing of shipment specific labels in advance or during packing
  • Promote your brand to clients and agents around the world
  • Guaranteed unique numbering to avoid duplicate or missing inventory numbers
  • Establish unique link between the label and the packing inventory
  • Use barcoded labels for efficient scan-in, scan-out and deconsolidation procedures
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