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Packing Inventory

Inventory is a mobile packing inventory recording and printing application that runs on iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Click to view sample packing inventory.

  • Inventory allows crew foremen and drivers to quickly capture the contents of each packed piece or carton, specify its location and register the packers name.
  • Articles are added to the inventory list with their condition, exception description, digital photo and insurance value.
  • Details about electronic appliances and artwork can be captured if an electronic profile is required.
  • The volume, weight and linear sizes of each packed piece or carton are estimated based on your companys packing HHGI list to allow for continuous monitoring of the total packed volume and weight.
  • Inventory can print customized bar-coded labels using mobile barcode label printer.
  • When packing is done, Inventory generates and prints a customized packing inventory in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Russian for the shippers sign-off.
  • Packing inventory details can be sent to the office by email right from the shippers house.


  • Detailed and readable inventory report makes problems with legibility and spelling of handwriten inventories a thing of the past. It gives the customer peace of mind and confidence that the shipment will be delivered according to the signed inventory.
  • The ability to print any number of copies of any label during packing guarantees that all pieces in the shipment will be properly labeled.
  • Creation of the electronic packing inventory eliminates the need to re-type it in the office.
  • Sending the packing list to the office over the Internet right from the shippers house helps speed up the paperwork for expedited shipments.


  • Inventory is a powerful mobile system that can be used as a self-sufficient inventory management system.
  • Extremely convenient and fast multi-language data entry mechanism removes the language barrier between the crew and the shipper.
  • Inventory is built on a popular and familiar Pocket PC platform, which virtually eliminates the learning curve and drastically reduces the cost of hardware.

Printer support

  • Print packing inventory in any language directly from the Inventory device using Infrared, Bluetooth or serial cable onto virtually any mobile document printer.

Barcode label printing support

  • Print shipment-specific, barcoded labels on a wide variety of Zebra/Comtec IR/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi printers directly from the device.

Email support

  • Email packing list summary, details photos and signature to customers and office staff directly from the handheld.

Multi-language support

  • Enter article names in any language, then print off the packing inventory in the desired language using built-in translation.
Voxme Apps

  Voxme Inventory
  for iPhone and iPad

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Now you can use iPhone and iPad to record and email packing lists.

  Voxme Inventory
  for Android phones

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Now your crews and contractors can use any Android smartphone to record, print and email packing lists.

  Voxme Inventory
  for Android Honeycomb tablets

app store app store

Now your crews and contractors can use any Android Honeycomb Tablet to record, print and email packing lists.

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