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Fine Art Manager

Fine Art Manager is a comprehensive system that allows fine arts, interior design and antique shippers, art galleries and auction houses to control all aspects of shipping and inventory management.

  • Create quotations with all inventory details and convert them to jobs when booked.
  • Create and manage consignments and purchase orders, collections, rreleases, worksheets, packing requests, deliveries and customer inventories. Inventory item details are managed implicitly. Full transaction and item activity and locations are logged automatically.
  • Manage and assign operational resources.
  • Manage leads, opportunities, tasks, appointments and marketing campaigns using embedded CRM module.
  • Manage scheduled and ad-hoc trailer trips and consolidated services.
  • Use customized tariffs for automated and accurate invoicing based on the entered operation and inventory details.
  • Print job specific labels with all relevant details (Item description, Sale/stock number, lot, artist, title, etc).
  • Condition the objects on pick-up or in the warehouse and have the crews capture client signature, report arrival, departure and transit time using iPhones, iPads, any Android phones, tablets or ruggedized handhelds.
  • Generate condition reports with textual description and photos.
  • Use barcodes to track Items and crates locations In real time.
  • Import collection and inventory details from external systems using bespoke integration link built for your company or Excel.
  • Generate all standard documentation (job sheet, collection/delivery/release/pack-out note, commercial invoice, condition report, certificate of shipment, house bill of lading, etc) in company specific format in Word or PDF.
  • Produce company specific inventory reports in HTML, Word, Excel and PDF formats.
  • Web portals for tracking orders, viewing storage inventory and ordering collections and deliveries
  • Generate invoices and integrate with standard and bespoke accounting systems like Sage, JDE or Sun.


  • Detailed fine arts inventory and condition reports with photos gives the Clients, the agents and the insurer peace of mind and confidence.
  • All shipping, forwarding, insurance and customs documents are automatically generated using company's templates in any language.
  • Ability to use mobile devices for inventorying and conditioning with photos greatly improves operational efficiency.
  • Resource and service management helps plan operations efficiently and have a real time view of all ongoing and planned jobs.
  • Flexible Integration with accounting system And support for tariffs helps automate invoicing process.


  • Fine Art Manager is a powerful system that can be used as a comprehensive inventory and shipping management system.
  • Excel based data import helps minimize manual data re-entry.
  • Built-in data exchange link helps trading partners establish consignment data exchange.
  • On-line view provides real-time visibility and control over shipments, inventories, conditions and locations

Printer support

  • Print directly from the Inventory device via Bluetooth onto HP, Canon, Brother and virtually any other mobile document printer.

Barcode label printing support

  • Print shipment-specific, barcoded labels in the office or at the warehouse using Zebra, Tec or similar label printer.

Wireless data exchange

  • Mobile devices use standard http protocol to exchange the information with the server side of the system.
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