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Mobile Pre-move Survey Solution

Estimator is a pre-move survey application that runs on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets. Estimator allows the surveyor to quickly create the list of articles to pack and move and to check the accumulated volume by room or by shipment mode. Packing materials are estimated automatically based on your company's standards. Click to view sample survey summary.

When the survey is complete, a summary report is generated automatically, ready to be printed and/or emailed. Survey details can also be exchanged with the office via computer or email.

The survey process is very simple and intuitive. Moving from room to room (or office to office), the surveyor can quickly capture each article's name and shipment mode (or mark the article 'not going'); if necessary, adjust predefined weight and volume, add notes; specify crate size; take a picture; and appraise insurance value.

New articles can be easily added to the standard HHGI list during survey.

Estimator helps salespeople spend more time with the shipper. Survey results can easily and comprehensively be reviewed and explained. The shipper will feel comfortable when he sees all details and requests captured.

Key features

  • Convenient data entry, in any language, with automatic translation
  • Uses standard company HGGI; volumes, weights and packing materials can be adjusted on the screen
  • Integrated support for digital photos
  • Instant break-down of articles by room, shipment mode or category
  • Prints any number of survey reports using standard or company- specific templates
  • Automatic estimation of the type and number of cartons required for packing
  • Makes temporary or permanent updates to the HGGI with new articles identified during the survey


  • Minimizes the risk of big estimation mistakes: carton summaries and breakdown of articles by categories, services and carton summaries help accurately assess materials and labor costs.
  • Volumes and survey analyses are instantly available on the screen.
  • Reports can be edited on the screen prior to being printed or emailed.
  • Having salespeople use a modern device projects an image of thorough professionalism and attention to your customer’s needs.


  • Estimator's extremely convenient and fast multi-language data entry mechanism frees up your estimator’s hands and attention.
  • Any report generated by the application can be edited on the device's screen prior to printing or emailing, or can be edited on the computer.
  • Estimator can be used stand alone or in combination with the office system

Printer support

  • Prints directly from Pocket PCs onto any mobile document printer via Infrared or Bluetooth

Email support

  • After entering article names in your language of choice, you can then create a survey report in any other language using built-in translation capabilities of Estimator
Voxme Apps

  Voxme Estimator for iPad

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Now you can use your iPad for pre-move surveys.

  Voxme Estimator for iPhone

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Now you can use your iPhone for pre-move surveys.

  Voxme Estimator
  for Android phones and tablets

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Now you can use your Android phone or tablet for pre-move surveys.

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