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Barcoded bingo checking and loading application

Checker is a mobile application that allows to create bingo sheets, loading sheets, capture condition notes, handle package transfers and inventory check-off. Checker uses Voxme inventory file recorded via Voxme Inventory or Voxme MF. This file can be easily shared between offices and agents. Inventory files can be loaded on a Checker unit via Voxme MF, Internet connection, by email or directly from any desktop computer via USB.

Checker uses label's barcode to identify a corresponding shipment's piece. It can display the content of that piece, mark its location (if the shipment is being loaded into multiple lfitvans or containers or flag it 'Unloaded') and help the crew record exceptions for each article).

Origin agents use Checker to control loading of consolidated containers.

Destination agents use Checker to sort consolidated containers.

Delivery crews benefit from Checker's ability to answer the typical customer questions like "What's in this box?" or "What room did it come from" and, of course, "Was this scratch here before?"

Main features

  • Ability to use barcode to identify pieces related to a particular shipment
  • Ability to create a list of containers and skids used for loading and capture location of each piece
  • Ability to check off pieces by entering the serial number or scanning the barcode
  • Ability to stop the check-off process, see the list of missing pieces with their details (serial number, content)
  • Ability to see the details of any piece (location, destination, content, insurance value)
  • Ability to capture exceptions for each article
  • Ability to generate inventory check-off report with detailed breakdown of missing pieces
  • Ability to generate a bingo sheet directly from Checker or via Voxme MF
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"We are very grateful for your survey inventory which goes much further than what we had previously."

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